Orgone Introduction

-Orgone is another term for etheric energy, also called chi, prana, bio-magnetic or life force energy. It is found everywhere and nature is where it is at it’s purest.


What are Orgone devices?

Orgone devices release Orgone energy when stimulated by other forms of energy & have the capacity to change Orgone energy from one state to another (negative to positive). Orgone devices are especially used to dissolve negative/stagnant energy in an area or room and convert it to balanced healthy energy.


How do they work?

When organic and inorganic materials are mixed you have a device that attracts etheric energy. Organic substances (resin) attract and hold energies while inorganic (metals) materials repel it. By adding quartz crystals to the mix the device not only attracts etheric energy but it is also able to re-balance & transmute negative energy into positive energy. This is due to the molecular structure of quartz which is stable and harmonically aligned with the geometry of the universe. Orgone devices pull in etheric energy and while the energy is inside the device, metal particles and organic resin both push and pull on it in all directions at the same time. This puts friction on the energy where the crystal will begin to create order out of chaos by aligning the structure of the energy into a more positively aligned pattern. When different types of gemstones, minerals & crystals are added, the device is able to amplify their properties as well resulting in a positive energy generator used for uplifting any being of life including animals and plants.


Benefits of Orgone Energy Generators:

✧ Transmute negative energy into positive life force energy

✧ Protect against harmful EMF Radiation from cellphones, microwaves, computers, televisions, etc.

✧ Recharges the body's energy centers (chakras/aura)

✧ Generates Negative Ions for better health & overall well-being


-Orgone Introduction, courtesy of Cinthia Uriostegui, owner of 'The Faerie Godmother'